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Episode 16: Taking the ARE: 7 Exams In 7 Days, Completely Nuts? [Podcast]

Mustering up the motivation and courage to take just one of the divisions of Architect Registration Exam can seem daunting. But what if you decided to take all 7 divisions in 7 days? We are excited to be joined by Charlie Klecha @charliechuck, President of AIAS, to discuss the 7 in 7 campaign and find out if he is really nuts in attempting to take all 7 divisions of the ARE in 7 days.

#012. Living Building Challenge [Podcast]

Our very own, Eric Corey Freed made a major career move recently and began working with the Living Future Institute because, well, he wants to live in the future. [powerpress] Eric made a major career move last September which also brought him to Portland Oregon. He is now working on what he considers his dream

#011. Architect Quotes of 2014 [Podcast]

Architects should be well versed in public speaking as it is another tool that allows us to communicate our ideas to others. It allows us to reach out and inspire our clients and the general public. But we don't always say the smartest things. [powerpress] Eric and I discuss some popular (not necessarily in a good

#009. So You Wanna Call Yourself an Architect? [Podcast]

The use of the term "Architect" has garnered a lot of attention lately. Some say it's misused, others say Architects are too protective of the term and should focus on issues that matter.  [powerpress] We've put together a panel for today's discussion including Stephen Hopkins, a recovering Architect, Brandon Kent, a designer in San Francisco, Evan Troxel,

#003. 6 Tips For IDP Success [Podcast]

The Intern Development Program administered by NCARB is the foundation of starting your architectural career off on the right foot. It's not only your road map for success, but it is also your leverage to prevent your boss from keeping you chained to your desk for three years. [powerpress] In this episode, Eric and I

#002. Overview of the ARE, What Order Should I Take The Exams? [Podcast]

Having a plan is crucial to achieving success. Understanding how each division of the Architect Registration Exam relates to the big picture is your first step in creating your plan. [powerpress] In this second ARE Podcast episode, we discuss the following topics; Overview of the seven divisions of the Architect Registration Exam administered by NCARB. Click to

#001. ARE Podcast is Launched! [Podcast]

Whoop! Whoop! It's the launch of the ARE podcast, the only podcast dedicated to inspiring and motivating you to help you successfully prepare for and pass the Architect Registration Exam. It's showtime!!! [powerpress] We (as in David, Eric, and Aubrey) are SO thrilled to be launching the ARE Podcast! In this inaugural episode, we discuss the